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Shree Kailash Yatra Foundation:

‘SKY’ is also associated with:

Shree Shiv Karuna Dham Ashram

The Ashram is spread over 30 acres land on the banks of River Narmada near Indore in Madhya Pradesh, India.
Ashram is graced by Pujya Shree Swami Viyoganandji ; who is extremely knowledgeable about our Indian scriptures. Pujya Guruji has performed Tapashchryaat different places; in Himalayas, in jungles, on the banks of various holy rivers across the country, in ravines of Chambal River. During his sadhana years, he travelled the entire country on foot.
Pujya Swami Raghavendranandji is also actively involved in various activities at the ashram and is an extremely kind and humble human being. He is responsible for taking care of various activities of ashram.
Ashram is providing free shelter and food to the poor people.
Ashram also provides special accommodation to devotees (Sadhak) who would like to do Sadhna in a peaceful and pious environment.
Very soon there will be Gaushala & Vidhyashala (English and Sanskrit medium schools) to provide Vaidik education.

Vishwagram Sanstha

Vishwagram is a small organization which is home as well as school for several orphan kids that were found wandering at various Railway stations across the country. Vishwagram welcomes such children and provide them free home and free education.
Vishwagram also routinely arranges lectures from renowned teachers from various schools to speak on different subjects especially on betterment of society. Many followers of Mahatma Gandhi provide their services to Vishwagram and make Vishwagram work like a family.
The team of efficient workers of Vishwagram also provides humanity services during natural disasters.